Dixon's Hazard Response provides a range of services, but they all share a common goal: keeping people safe. Whether it's through traffic control, using equipment to manage traffic around hazards, or community spirit, where I helps the community through initiatives like natural disaster support, community events, and charity work, the focus is always on ensuring the safety and well-being of others. As a qualified Traffic Controller with Main Roads accreditation, I am well-equipped and well Qualified to handle any situation that may arise.

Attend uncontrolled livestock roaming

This has been done when I have seen a dog or sheep, cow or horse walking on the road. 

I use our amber lights and control the traffic. The same way I would if I were at work (doing traffic control). I do this until city assist or police can help.  I Also have my HV pilots licence and that helps me when dealing with these livestock.

Broken Down Vehicles

A broken-down vehicle on the roadside can be a hazardous situation for all parties involved. Without proper visibility, the risk of an accident increases significantly. Traffic management techniques, such as using cones to create a physical barrier, can help mitigate this risk and create a safer environment for all road users. By implementing these measures, we can reduce the likelihood of accidents and ensure a smoother traffic flow.

Fallen Object

Most common fallen Object that requires my services is trees. For a hazard like this I'll use 700mm cones to create a border and at night I'll use E-flares to help with visibility. I'll use a multi-message sign displaying information information, such as, Hazard ahead, reduce speed and prepare to stop.

Minor Fallen Object

These fallen objects are only minor and I'll use remove them from harms way and free up the lane. 

Reporting Items To The Council

This service is a community spirit service. Something anyone can do but I make time for it. Thus may include reporting damage roads or signage to the council or correct authority. 

Reporting Illegal Dumping

This is once again a community spirit services and one anyone can do but I make time for it. I'll report illegal dumping to the council and follow up to confirm its been collected.

Transport a Dog, Cat, or Other Pet

To The Vet.

This is another community spirit service. Something that anyone can offer. This is where I'll take a found pet to the vet for chip details. I'll also scan for a chip onsite. I volunteer with the RSPCA and have done dog and cat behaviour training .

Collection of Deceased Animals.

This service is where I'll remove deceased animals from the road or side of the road. This is also a community spirit service and no qualifications needed. I do this service for two reasons. I want to minimise the amount of vehicles stopping on the road and no one wants to see a deceased animal.

Attend area floods and clear the draina.

This service is where ill attend a blocked drain and unblock it. That will clear the flooded area usually.