All these Qualifications and indications help me run a safe service. 

Basic Worksite Traffic Management and Traffic Control

This is my Main Roads Accreditation that allows me to work as a traffic controller and use traffic management equipment. there are 3 levels of accreditations for traffic control. 
Basic, WTM or Advance. Basic is the most common for traffic controllers. WTM I believe is being removed and Advance is for planning.

Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence

This is my Main Roads Accreditation that allows me to work as a Heavy Vehicle Pilot and to excort trucks that are oversize. This licence and training helps me when working for dixon's hazard response. It allows me to thnk like a HV pilot if I need to work with one. it also helps me when dealing with live stock.

White Card (Construction)

The White card is about construction safety. In order to enter a construction site I'm required to have a white card.

Advanced First Aid

I don't use it a lot but it's an amazing tool to have. I have my Advanced First Aid and was trained by the best. St Johns. I have had my first aid since I was 12 and continue to refresh it. 

Western Power

I Don't often work with Western Power but this induction shows me their safety policy and helps me be safer when working on their sites

Water Corp

This is water corps health and safety induction. I don't work with them alot but this induction helps me be safer when working on their sites

Downer Safety

Downer Road Services is a major company with the main roads contract. I often work with them. this helps me be safer on their sites. I have completed all their inductions. 

New Course 

Coming Soon in December 

Alcohol and Drug management and awareness training

This is a short induction DFES offers its members and it educates its members about the harm of drugs and alcohol.

Child Safe and Child-Friendly Organisation 

This is another induction DFES offers it's members and this induction helps me run a child safe service.

Fatigue Management

This is an important induction and another one DFES offers to its members and one that helps me run a safe service.