Complaints and Feedback

Complaints are impossible to avoid but Dixon's Hazard Response is focused on reducing the number of complaints. Dixon's Hazard Response rarely receives complaints but I want people to feel like they can make a Complaint when ever they want. 

Feedback is important for any business or organisation to grow and I welcome it. 

To Provide feedback or a complaint please email Dixon's Hazard Response or use the contact form on this website

Some common Questions and complaints?

Can I legally close a road?

Dixon’s Hazard Response can legally close a road as long it's an emergency. I can close a road without any warning or detours because I deal with emergencies. The General rule is "As long as it's safe, If you don't have it, you don't need it" I'll usually use a road closed sign and detours in place because I have the appropriate signage. If, for whatever reason I don't have signs, I'll use the "Fend Off" position. The fend off position is a technique used by emergency services worldwide to close a lane or road. Park at a 45° Angle on the road.

Can I close a lane without an arrow Board?

Dixon’s Hazard Response will be getting an  arrow board by the end of 2023 but for now, I can close a lane without an arrow board as long as it's safe. As you can see in this photo I used the fend off position to close this lane. This lane was already blocked by a tow truck.