Ever wondered how many jobs Dixon's Hazard Response has completed each year.  Dixon's Hazard Response has been running since 2019, however, records don't go that far back. 


From This you can see what how many jobs I've completed in the past four years. 

What Happens on each type of incident?

  • Abandoned Vehicles are vehicles that have been left unattended for a period of time, often with clear damage such as a smashed window or flat tire, and can be found in various locations such as on the side of the road or in a parking lot. If the vehicle remains at the same location for more than 1 week, it is considered abandoned, and I will usually report it to the local council so they can take steps to locate the owner.
  • Removing deceased animals from the road is an important responsibility that I take seriously, in order to prevent further damage to vehicles or harm to other wildlife, I will remove deceased animals from the road. These are typically cats or kangaroos, but sometimes large birds are also found. If the animal is a cat, Cats I will take to a vet in the hope to locate a owner. 
  • While driving from one job site to another, I have encountered medical incidents that require immediate attention. In such situations, I provide initial first aid to the affected individual until the emergency services arrive at the scene. As a responsible driver, I always remain vigilant and prepared for any unforeseen medical incidents while on the road. Whenever an emergency situation arises, I promptly provide necessary first aid measures until qualified emergency responders take over. 
  • When dealing with a vehicle breakdown, I will utilize cones, my vehicle, and other equipment to ensure the safety of the driver and any passengers. Additionally, I will sometimes arrange for a tow truck to transport the vehicle to a repair shop at a low cost to the driver. 
  • Found Pets are pets that I come across while driving between jobs, and I take the responsibility of bringing them to the local veterinarian for proper care. 
  • When a fire is spotted during a call, it is immediately attended to. Although I do not respond to fires myself, the amount of driving I do allows me to witness many fires in person. 
  • When attending a traffic accident, my job is to ensure the safety of everyone involved and I will utilize cones to direct traffic and prevent further accidents from occurring. If emergency services are already onsite, then I usually won't stop to avoid hindering their operations. 
  • Helping out in searches for beloved family pets doesn't just bring happiness back to their owners but also strengthens neighborhood bonds. So whenever that occurs, lending a hand by driving or going door-to-door becomes second nature because supporting each other makes us stronger together! 
  • Police Incidents are jobs where I've had to call the police for example a drunk man walking on the freeway, putting himself and others at risk. 
  • When I encounter a situation where there is displaced wildlife, such as a kangaroo or ducks walking in a hazardous location like Thomas Road in Kwinana, I initiate a Wildlife Rescue. In the case of ducks, I ensure their safety by controlling traffic around them and helping them cross the road. However, if the kangaroo poses a danger to people, I contact a professional wildlife rescuer to handle the situation. 
  • A fallen tree poses a significant risk to safety so it is crucial to handle it carefully. In the event of encountering such an occurrence, my role would involve managing traffic flow until the local government takes over to safely dispose of the tree. 
  • Oil can be very slippery due to its smooth and viscous nature, making it a potential hazard. Dixon's Hazard Response is well-equipped to handle such situations with their spill kit designed specifically for cleaning up Minor Oil Spills
  • When dealing with roaming livestock, I will utilize the skills and techniques learned during my road pilot course to ensure their safety and prevent any potential hazards on the road. To achieve this, I will attempt to herd them towards a nearby area of the road while keeping cars safe from them. I will contact police or a local ranger for assistance 
  • Area flooding is a hazardous situation that can lead to vehicles crashing, to mitigate the risk I will attempt to clear a drain and help reduce the water accumulation on the road 
  • Truck Losing its load is something I'd witness and help clean up the debits.