The Questions I'm asked the most

Are Councils aware of Dixon's Hazard Response?


Dixon's Hazard Response is no secret and I had a meeting with city of Kwinana when I first when public with this service. It's almost impossible to have a sit down with every council in WA I have spoken with quite a few either in person, over the phone or via email. 

city of Rockingham and city of Kwinana both are aware of my service and I have spoken with them both about it.  Some councils like city of Kalamunda have even gone above and thanked me. 


Why did you have a meeting with the City of Kwinana?


May of 2021 City of Kwinana reached out and asked for a meeting because they had concerns about Dixon's Hazard Response.

Their concerns were;

- A name implying security related Activities

- Untrained and under equipped operator

But after a meeting and providing my traffic management accreditation to them and agreeing to change the name they no longer cared. 

What Authority do I have to run this service?

This is a rare question I'm asked but an important one. I have no more authority than you or the next person. 

I am qualified to run this service but don't have any more authority than you, nor do I need any. Legally speaking anyone can block a lane if it's too dangerous to enter, for example, if it's got a sinkhole. The equipment and traffic management training make it safer having me there than someone without warning signs or gear.  I've proven time after time that Dixon's Hazard Response makes our roads safer by providing traffic management for hazards on our roads

Can I legally block a lane or road?

If it is unsafe for a vehicle to proceed then Yes I can. This may include fallen objects, damaged holes or other emergencies. I'm also not required to have a traffic management plan. Only planned work is required to have one.

Can I legally use Traffic management signs?

Yes I can. Main Roads Have said, "You do not need to be part of the TMCRS if there is an incident that is determined to be an emergency.

The definition of an emergency is as follows: A situation where a life-threatening risk exists and the consequences of not taking action are judged to be worse than if action is taken." and therefore during an incident where life-threatening risk is there. I can use traffic management signs. Main Roads have also said "During an emergency, safety is a priority"

All my traffic management signs are advisory, they are yellow and used to warn others of a hazard. 

What does Main Roads Western Australia think about Dixon's Hazard Response?

This question was asked this morning and is of utmost importance. Despite previous inquiries, Main Roads has not provided a clear reasoning for their lack of support towards Dixon's Hazard Response. They have only stated that basic worksite traffic management does not authorize the type of work done by Dixon's Hazard Response.

I have reached out multiple times to Main Roads seeking answers to improve my service but they seem uninterested in helping small services like mine. It is worth noting that I do not require a traffic control certificate to operate Dixon's Hazard Response during emergencies such as vehicle breakdowns or crashes because anyone can provide traffic management in such situations. Our 'first responders' are often witnesses and locals who provide assistance before official response teams arrive on scene.

Despite my efforts to get clarification from Main Roads, they haven't been very helpful. The fact remains that in an emergency situation, anyone can step up and manage traffic. My goal with Dixon's Hazard Response is to be able to help those involved in incidents quickly and efficiently.

How much Do I charge?

Dixon's Hazard Response is a completely free service. I use my money to fund it. I don't charge you or the council. 

Because it's free I do have a paid job and can't always attend an incident or call out but I always try. 

I don't ask for or expect donations. I did set up a go fund me years ago but try not to share it. 

At the request of others, this is the link. 


Do I wear a body camera?

 Yes, I do. I wear a body-worn recording device that is placed on my vest. I wear that for my safety as well as everyone else's. Traffic Controllers have near misses on a daily basis and I am no different. in 2020 I was actually hit by a car thankfully I was not injured. 

A hear a lot that only cops wear body cameras but that couldn't be further from the truth. Now even Woolworths staff are starting to wear cameras in the eastern states.

Body cameras are amazing tools and I strongly believe main roads should make all traffic controllers wear them. I hear often that "you can't video me in public" so I spoke to a lawyer regarding the use of a body camera and this is what they said. 

How do I justify using my own money to run this service?


The answer is simple, People have needs, We need oxygen, We need Food, Water, and shelter. Most need air con and we need cars. We all need so much in life. 

I have the need to help my community, in my own way. People donate to charities all the time, I use my fuel and time to help my community. 

Why do I take DIxon's Hazard Response seriously? 

The answer is simple and I think everyone should hear it. Three years ago something bad happened to me, out of my control and at the fault of no one. Something family related. This led me to depression and isolation. One morning when I couldn't sleep I went for a drive and noticed cones all over the road. I activated my amber lights and cleared them. When I went home I started Dixon's Hazard Response. Dixon's Hazard Response helped me in my time of need, now I help others in theirs. 

Why did I choose the uniform I wear today?

The Orange vest with pink shirt has been chosen because my top priority is to not look like any other service. No one wears a Orange vest with a pink shirt but it also does stand out. I chose to wear a vest because I can easily carry a torch, notebook, gloves, radio and body camera. The vest is also lightweight and can go over any clothing. 

What do I use my UHF RADIO for?

This is a powerful tool that I use to talk with trucks, oversize loads or other traffic control personnel if I'm working on or near their site. 

Do I get paid by any towing services?

No, Dixon's Hazard Response or Any one representing Dixon's Hazard Response does not get paid by Towing service. However, I have received, on the odd occasions, a $200 spotters fee but I don't get paid for recommending them. 

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