About Dixon's Hazard Response

Dixon's Hazard Response started as Dixon's Lift and Shift in the June of 2019 with the goal to start a full time business. Dixon's Lift and shift was a "man and ute" hire business and I'd go out during storms and remove debris from our roads. Small stuff like branches.

in 2021 I changed the name of my service to community watch but after a post by Baldivis/Rockingham Now and a meeting with City of Kwinana and Mandurah District - WA Police Force I changed it to Dixon's Hazard Response.

City of Kwinana called this meeting because they had two concerns.

- A name implying security related Activities

- Untrained and under-equipped operator

After the meeting with the city of Kwinana they didn't seem to care much.  I explained that I was trained and equipped and showed them how Dixon's Hazard Response operates and they were fine with it.

Dixon's Hazard Response is made up of just me. I run it in my spare time but I always make time. I usually attend jobs before or after work but mostly on weekends. 

My name is Greg, I'm 23 and love to help my community. I grow up in foster care bouncing around house to house before ending up in a group house at the age of 9. I was told from a very young age that I'd never achieve anything, I'd never work a day in my life and i'd definitely never life independently. I have level 1 autism, formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome.

Individuals with ASD level 1 may have difficulty understanding social cues and may struggle to form and maintain personal relationships. A child with level 1 autism may understand and speak in complete sentences, but have difficulty engaging in back-and-forth conversation.

I have smashed my goals. I run a life saving service, I am a supervisor for the company I work for and I have amazing Friends, how it's time to start a relationship and get myself a boyfriend.

I have previously volunteered with the RSPCA, create foundation and Anglicare Western Australia. Volunteering is just as important as a paid job to me but I stopped because I'd like to work on Dixon's Hazard Response. 

this service gave me a reason to get out of bed, literally, after dealing with depression. I went out one morning feeling very depressed and ended up moving tons of cones off Patterson Road in East Rockingham. This made me feel good and I started doing it more and over time, Dixon's Hazard Response was born. 

Dixon's Hazard Response deals with road hazards but mostly broken down vehicles or traffic accidents but I have dealt with roaming livestock, lost pets, deceased animals or objects on the road as well. I use many tools and equipment to assist deal with a hazard and keep you safe. 

Dixon's Hazard Response is unpaid and this means I use my own money and fuel to buy equipment and to attend call outs. I do ask for donations but don't get much. Every donation is used to help the community. Dixon's Hazard Response is fully qualified, insured and a registered business.