About Me

Dixon's Hazard Response is now a volunteer community service designed to help you on the side of the road and keep you safe because the road can be a dangerous place, especially for those who are stranded or have car troubles. This free service is offered by me in my spare time, specifically on weekends when I'm not working my paid employment from Monday to Friday.

How it all started

In 2019, I experienced a series of unfortunate events that led me to develop Dixon's Hazard Response. It started with the loss of my beloved pet ferret named Barbecue and was followed by several family member passings, job loss, two car accidents where I realized how quickly tow truck drivers arrive on scene, and other traumatic experiences which all significantly affected my mental health leading to depression.

But in 2019, I did not possess the necessary qualifications to attend accidents or breakdowns. However, I was able to assist in removing debris from the road. It wasn't until 2020 when I left my house one morning and noticed cones scattered all over Patterson Road that I decided to take action and move them out of the way.

In 2021, I had an idea that led me to create something extraordinary. I decided to dedicate decades of my life to building a hopefully successful service. To achieve this, I stopped running the struggling 'man and ute' hire business known as Dixon's Lift and Shift and pivoted to a new community-focused initiative called Community Watch.

Community Watch was established in March 2021 but shortly after, its name was changed to Dixon's Hazard Response following a meeting with the City of Kwinana and local police. The city expressed concern about the implications of the original name on security-related activities and the lack of training and equipment for operators. However, once I explained the scope of our services and the tools we use, their concerns were alleviated.

The original idea behind Community Watch was to provide a neighbourhood watch program that strictly focused on reporting suspicious activity. While there were initial reservations from authorities regarding potential confusion with official security operations, these issues were resolved by clarifying the boundaries and capabilities of our volunteer-based organization. 

I had reached out to city of Kwinana and discussed rhe idea of hiring professionals security services to patrol the Kwinana area to decrease the crime rate in our neighbourhood. 

Why I continue to do it

You know why I started Dixon's Hazard Response, but the question is, why do I continue to run it? It's costly both financially and mentally. Running a a service like mine can be hard work with little reward at times, friends and family don’t always understand what motivates me either which makes everything feel lonelier., But despite all these drawbacks there are moments when attending just one job per week feels worthwhile because ultimately I'm making the road safer too!

I run this service because in 2019 when it started I noticed there was not one organisation designed to protect people on the side of the road except Main Roads IRS who only work on Main Roads and mostly around the city but even Main Roads can be everywhere at once. You'd think they'd appreciate the assistance by me. 

It may seem strange that people message me instead of contacting Main Roads directly - after all they should really care about road safety too right?, The truth though sadly lies in how much more reliable Dixon's Hazard Response has become compared to their agency; for instance if someone needs help fixing a tyre, Main Roads should be attendind and providing protection and peace-of mind knowing their problem was heard but I often here Main Roads have a lack of resources to attend and yet, Main Roads still Refuse to acknowledge I make a difference 

I think back on starting Dixon's Hazard Response again and wondered if starting things were still worth my time and effort. I keep coming up with the same answers; I have very little regrets in life and starting this service is most definitely not one. 

I'm out in 46° or the 3° helping people on the side of the road for free

Behind the man

My name is Greg and I am currently twenty-three years old, born and rasied in the amazing Western Australia. When I was just a toddler, my parents received devastating news that would change our lives forever: I had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Previously known as Asperger’s syndrome back then, but despite this setback, I refused point blank to let it define me or hinder my potential growth. During primary school days, making friends wasn't always easy for me because socializing didn't come naturally like other kids; six hours sitting still inside four walls felt nearly impossible at times too!

At only age four, circumstances led me into foster care - bouncing between seven homes within next four years until finally being dumped in a group house for the next 2 years but thankfully, I was transferred to another group home I called this place home for six years and eleven months. It was hard to find Forster parents with a autistic kid friendly home environment where they could feel safe while growing up.

By aged sixteen I was put into a independent living house, no job, no life skills and the fire brigade were sent day one because I burned the the kitchen when cooking a cake. At age seventeen I moved back in with my mum and stepdad and was able to get my driver's licence, a car, a job and even start an amazing service that would later be a shining beacon of hope for others


I have been working as a traffic controller for four years, during which I had the opportunity to work with two different companies. Currently, I am a team leader and have been since march 2023 and there are possibilities for further leadership roles in my future. In this role, I have gained extensive experience in conducting road closures, managing shuttle flow, directing lane closures, overseeing footpath closures, and even responding to emergencies by protecting our first responders on the front line. Whether it's serving during bushfires or serious motor vehicle accidents, I may be called upon at any moment to ensure their safety while performing my paid job.

My First Breakdown

On April 22nd, 2020, I encountered my first breakdown while on Orelia Ave. where a vehicle had completely blocked one of the lanes and was awaiting an inbound tow truck that would help clear up this hazardous situation for everyone's safety; from there it became apparent what needed done next - so without hesitation took initiative by providing traffic control support until such time when assistance could arrive thus ensuring no further accidents occurred due solely because drivers may have been unaware or unfamiliar with alternate routes around these types obstructions within our community.

My First Motor Vehicle Accident

On Australia Day 2022, I responded to my first Motor Vehicle Accident and upon arrival, I found two tow trucks, three ambulances, the SES, and local security working together to control the incident. The Police and Fire and Rescue were enroute, so I took over traffic control from the SES, who rarely attend accidents in Australia and happened to come across this one.. 

I remained on scene for over 2 hours assisting our first responders and keeping everyone safe. The SES left shortly after I arrived